Happy mid-February

I really like the book “the moon is a harsh mistress”. A sci-fi revolving around revolutions, anarchy and tech. It has some well written character and a bunch of half baked ideas. To many these half-explained dough piles might be seen as random fluff, but I like my stories filled with tons of ideas or kernels of ideas.

Two things really got me in this story, no worries I won’t spoil it. The first was the fact that you have a sentient AI, but the tech is ancient, so he has to produce output with either voice or on paper. The second one is the different ideas of marriage. Our main protagonist is part of one of these alternate versions of the classic bonding. Instead of two people bonding in monogamy our “hero” finds himself in a hierarchical clan system where you marry into a generation. Grand parent generations, parent, child, grandchild etc. I really like this idea as it makes relations even more complicated yet gives us a chance to dream about alternative variations.

First of all, one might imagine that some people who marry into the clan might still want to be monogamous. Polyamorie ain’t for everybody and attraction is really weird. So, in many ways for such a system to work the system would have to create some sort of self-policing system to care for every person’s consent. Part of the clan system as laid out in the book is built around the idea that everyone in the clan must accept the marriage proposal. So from the get go everyone must agree on the terms on which someone joins the coupling.

And what would happen to the normal family power-struggle? Would every clan end up a patriarchy where the old men have the last say or would it flip to a matriarchy where every younger generation looks up to their caretakes? This of course is based on the stereotypical family unit so often touted by US television. Maybe clans would predefine these internal power structures from the get go? Some sort of merit system or maybe just survive the longest and you will be leader? Would there be a need for a leader at all? I think so as any group larger than one will end up having arguments where passion overrules reason, but maybe not.

I’ve not written anything for the blog for the longest time… or rather I’ve not posted anything for some time. I have been tinkering with a piece for about two weeks now, but every revision makes it worse and the original was a drunken rant I wanted to get of my chest. Too bad my writing is even more nonsensical when I drink. So, this is my way of just skipping the problem and trying to kick start my enthusiasm and inspiration. Hope you all had a nice day and if you got any good books please ping me on twitter.


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